Sleep and Accelerated Aging

Although countless factors affect the aging process, one of the simplest things people can do to avoid accelerated aging is get enough sleep. Quality sleep allows the body to produce the human growth hormone that helps build muscle mass, thicken skin, strengthen bones and stay youthful. The cumulative effects of sleep deprivation can be shocking. […]

Snooze or Lose

Sleep aids memory. Whether tested in animals or humans, studies have shown that sense memories–such as learning a certain sequence of dance steps–take root more solidly when paired with adequate rest. Now new research shows that so-called declarative memories–such as a sequence of facts–also benefit from slumber, especially when subjects are challenged with subsequent, competing […]

Partial Sleep Deprivation Linked to Obesity

A poor sleep or the lack of sleep can cause any number of health issues. While reading the latest copy of Sleep Review, I found this interesting article linking poor sleep habits to obesity. Everyone knows that you require a proper diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight BUT…you also need a good night’s […]

Link Between Cancer and Night Work

Here’s an interesting article that suggests a link between cancer and night work. As published in an article posted by Sleep Review, it is suggested that exposure to the artificial light required to work at night may cause reduced production of the sleep hormone melatonin, inducing physiological changes that may provoke the development of cancerous […]