Las Vegas World Market

We’re baaack!

We just got back from the HUGE ‘winter market’ at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. This market takes place twice a year and vendors and retailers from all over the world travel there to display and see what is new.

Southwest Flight to Las Vegas

Just thought this photo was cool because the sunset matched the plane!

World Market Center in Las VegasThis photo was taken at 9:10 AM Tuesday Morning!  Everyone was off to a busy, early start!

What a show! There is some great new stuff coming out in the bedding market and we hope to bring some of it to you very soon. That’s why we are having a 50% OFF FLOOR MODEL BLOWOUT right now. We have to get rid of the old so we can bring you some of the fabulous new mattresses that we saw in Las Vegas!

There’s never been a better time to get a premium, luxury mattress set ridiculously cheap!  Right now, you CAN afford the very best of the best!  Hurry though, because they will not last long!

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the fabulous beds that we saw while at the market! Couldn’t get pics of everything because some products have not launched yet but will be out very soon!

Serta Comfortable in Las Vegas

Serta Sheep in Vegas

Naples Firm

Platinum in Vegas

Silver in Vegas

World Luxury

Can You Trust Online Mattress Reviews?

The short answer?  Probably not.  Money talks.  Always has and always will!

For those of you considering purchasing a mattress online – be careful!

Many people today rely on customer reviews when making their decision to purchase a mattress online. The sad fact is that those customer reviews can be (and often are) skewed and manipulated very easily.

Bed In A Box
Photo from Minneapolis Star Tribune

This article from the Star Tribune – Online mattress makers and reviewers are too close for comfort will open your eyes to the behind-the-scenes shennanigans that take place in the Online Mattress Market.

With the ever-growing list of ‘me too’ bed-in-a-box options out there (my partial list has 97 of them!) you may just be better off shopping in your local store!