We Went To The Las Vegas Furniture Market

AND…we’re back!

Busy World Market in Las VegasEarlier this week, we flew out the the World Market Center in Las Vegas.

We do this at least once every year so we can stay on top of what is neat and new and wonderful in the bedding industry.

Things change continuously – and the bedding industry is no different! By attending we are able to stay ahead of consumer trends and bring you the freshest, most innovative new sleep systems available in today’s busy world.

Las Vegas World Market 2017

The Las Vegas Furniture Market has a reputation for being the industry’s preeminent Market for finding new products, trends and design for your home.

Virtually all Las Vegas Market exhibiting companies – ranging from the world’s leading manufacturers to some of the smaller but very innovative companies – come to introduce their new products at each Market.

This market is so huge that retailers and journalists from across the globe come to view and cover the event.!

Beautyrest Silver WallWe thought it would be fun to post couple of pics to give you a sense of how that wonderfully fluffy mattress actually ends up in our store!

The buildings are tall and wide and there are literally THOUSANDS of exhibitors there. Good walking shoes are definitely required to attend!

We visited with all of the major bedding manufacturers that you have come to know and trust as well as scoping out a few new entries into the bedding world.

While we can’t show you all of the great new sleep systems here, just know that there are some new and exciting things coming this year in the wide world of sleep!

We take great pride in doing our homework and knowing what the best of the best products are out there so that we can bring them home to you.  Unlike the national chain bedding stores, we don’t just sell what ‘the boss’ tells us to.

We actually rub elbows with people from over 100 different countries at this huge International event so that we can see and feel for ourselves what the best products are.

It is always our goal to provide you with the very best sleep set available for the money – whether you want to spend a little or a lot on your bed!