We are excited about being able to offer Comfortaire as a solution to couples whose sleep preferences are as different as night and day.

Do you like a super soft mattress but your partner likes a firm feel?  An obvious solution would be to sleep in separate beds but, who wants to do that right?

It’s pretty difficult to get a couple to agree on ANY mattress if they are at opposite end to the spectrum when it comes to their idea of comfort. This is EXACTLY why Comfortaire mattresses are the perfect solution for keeping couples ‘together’ without sacrificing personal comfort!

You can have your side of the bed YOUR way.

Not just every mattress store offers and displays air beds so, if you have been thinking about ‘air beds’ or those ‘number beds’ but aren’t sure where to find them…ta-da!

Comfortaire U11 and G12 Ormond Beach

Look no further than our Best Mattress Buys sleep centers in Palm Coast or Ormond Beach!

Of course, you can get your Comfortaire in any configuration that works for you BUT…combined this mattress with a custom adjustable base and you have something that no other mattress can offer – COMPLETE adjustability!

Not only can you adjust your Comfortaire mattress for perfect comfort and support, but you can adjust your entire bed to suit your lifestyle.

Do you want to just kick back and relax in bed with a good book or watch your favorite show?
Do you want to alleviate stress and back pain after a long hard day with a pressure relieving, zero gravity position and a little massage?

You can do that!