They are here and they are AWESOME!

I just spent a good portion of the afternoon on the brand new Serta iComfort BlueMax 1000 Cushion Firm mattress and it was heavenly. One of the ‘perks’ of working in a mattress store – you HAVE to try out the new models to familiarize yourself with the feel and all of the benefits that a particular mattress has to offer. The downside of working in a mattress store – you can NOT fall asleep! Life is so unfair.

So, if you are looking for the contouring, pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam but worry that it could sleep too hot or not feel right for you it’s time to experience Serta’s newest iComfort mattresses.

Designed from the inside out with their most advanced technologies to deliver the cooling comfort and support you need – iComfort Blue series are sooooo comfortable!

Serta IComfort Blue 300 Blue 500 Blue 1000


The secret to Serta’s new iComfort memory foam Blue line is their TempActiv™ technology, designed to help your find your right sleeping temperature from the moment you lie down.

In short – your aches and pains are going to melt away as your mattress cradles you in cool, supportive comfort. Imagine – no tossing, no turning, no drastic temperature swings – just pure, undisturbed, restorative sleep!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling GOOD for a change?

Your new Serta iComfort mattress is waiting for you right now at Best Mattress Buys. Best thing to do is come when you are not in a rush so that you can spend some time on each model. Heck, bring your favorite pillow or choose one of ours and take a rest test.

No one makes a finer bed than Serta and one of these fabulous iComfort models is perfect for you!

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