This world famous collection provides a healthier night’s sleep for people from all around the world. From the Americas, to Europe and Asia, this collection provides years of long lasting comfort and support for any body size or shape.

This collection is designed to stand the test of time.  If you are tired of buying mattresses that just don’t last as long as you expected they would, then a World Extended Life mattress is your answer!

World Extended Life

From the moment you lay on one you will feel the difference. These beds are expertly crafted and super durable without sacrificing one ounce of comfort!

Tested rigorously above the industry standard by over 50%, the World Extended Life Collection has proven to provide years of long lasting comfort and support.

The King Koil World Extended Life collection features their proprietary Perfect Contour® Reaction coil system and is endorsed by the International Chiropractor Association (ICA) to assure a proper night time sleeping posture and years of a healthier night’s sleep.

You can rest assured knowing that you will be sleeping one of the most comfortable yet durable sleep systems in existence because the World Extended Life offers an impressive 25 year warranty!

All King Koil mattresses have been designed and built in the USA since 1898.

King Koil Global Map

King Koil is a leading global brand and provider servicing over 90 countries spanning 6 continents. Their products can be found in retail stores and world-class hotels throughout the world.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!