Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

For those of you who feel guilty about the fact that you would rather sleep alone than share a bed with your partner…it’s okay!

In fact, having your own sleep space is actually better for you!

Since it is a rare thing that a couple have the exact same sleep habits, bedroom battles will happen.

  • One likes the shades drawn to keep the room as dark as possible, the other enjoys the moonlight and likes to awaken gradually and naturally as the sun rises.
  • One likes to sit up and watch TV in bed, the other likes to stretch out in peaceful silence.
  • One likes snacking in bed, the other doesn’t like finding cookie crumbs in crevices.
  • One is a night owl and habitually active late into the evening while the other is early to bed – early to rise – and usually waaay to ‘chipper’ for the night owl in the morning.

Does any of this sound familiar? Not to mention the snoring, the drooling, the sudden ‘wind storms’ and blanket hogging.

Have you ever been jarred out of a deep sleep by your pillow being yanked from under your head because your partner thought it was theirs?

Let’s face it, sleeping with a partner requires compromise and does not lead to the most restful and rejuvenating sleep!

So, if you love sleeping solo there is no need to feel guilty! According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in 4 couples sleep in separate beds because they get a longer and better sleep on their own.

A better sleep leads to a healthier and more productive day and hey…you might even still like each other in the morning! 😉