Three Wise Sheep

Three Wise Sheep

We Three Wise Sheep would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays and tell you that there are fabulous deals to be had during this festive season at Best Mattress Buys!

  We have the LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR on all Serta Perfect Sleeper Sets.

 Take a whopping $500 OFF on our Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid FLOOR MODEL Sets.

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Santa knows a great deal when he sees one.  He is checking his list…are YOU on it?

The Cutest Customer Award!

So, last week we had the most adorable customer in our store!

Her name was Leia and I hope that I have spelled her name correctly! She certainly looks like she could be Baby Princess Leia don’t you think?


Leia Too

Her Mom and Dad made several trips in to our Ormond Beach store before making that big decision to buy a Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid. We certainly enjoyed every visit they made before choosing – more “Leia Time” for us!

This little girl was so happy and so well behaved.  You could barely see her when she walked around the store as she was no taller than the mattresses on display. She just could not have been any cuter if she tried!

I really think she preferred the Serta IComfort (maybe the Sheep had something to do with that) but, in the end the Beautyrest won.

I’m gonna miss her visits – so are the Sheep!