Who Hates Mattress Shopping?

Almost everyone!

Pushy, uninformed sales people in an industry designed to confuse the shopper makes mattress shopping one of life’s less than pleasant experiences.

Having a little insight before hand can help you make better decisions that will benefit you in the long run.

It is very important to test, evaluate and purchase a mattress set that is designed to provide proper support and spinal alignment. Don’t think that you need to buy a very firm mattress set to experience support and spinal alignment. You may buy a mattress that is plush and still receive the best support and spinal alignment.

Proper Spinal Alignment

Remember, Comfort is what you feel when you lay on your bed – support is what you have felt when you awaken.

Select a mattress set that is comfortable. Dad was not right – a firm bed is NOT always best for your back!

Deep R.E.M., (Rapid Eye Movement), sleep cannot be accomplished if you are not comfortable in your bed. You may think that you have slept through the night, but, constant tossing and turning may prevent you from the deep REM sleep needed and desired for a full recharge.

An uncomfortable bed may trigger a feeling of restlessness when you awake.

  • Measure your current mattress set from the floor to the top of the mattress before embarking on your buying mission. Today, premium mattresses have more comfort layers making them higher. You may determine that you need a lower profile box spring/foundation beneath your new mattress to allow easy accessibility when you lay down.
  • For two people, purchase the largest mattress set that will fit in your bedroom. A full/double size mattress is 54″ wide. A mattress this size gives each person only 27″ of space which is the width size of a crib mattress to sleep on. Consider purchasing a queen which is 6″ wider and offers each 30″ per person or, better still, choose a King sized mattress and each you will have 38″ all to yourself!
  • Select a mattress set that is best for you by testing and evaluating comfort, size, and price.
  • Come to our Best Mattress Buys store at a time when you won’t be rushed. Take the time to try our various comfort level floor models and select the mattress set feel that is most comfortable for your needs after working with one our Sleep Specialists.
  • Wear comfortable clothing so that you will be relaxed when testing our mattresses.
  • Think about your needs and share them with one of our Sleep Specialists. In what position(s) do you sleep? Do you have back problems? Do you have shoulder or hip problems? Do you suffer from arthritis, fibermyalgia or other pressure sensitive issues? Have you been injured in an accident or do you have other medical issues that make you uncomfortable?
  • Allow one of our Sleep Specialists to begin your selection process on our varying comfort level floor models. Lay on each bed for 10 to 15 minutes, or longer if needed. We will never rush you.  Test the mattresses in the position(s) that you usually are in when you sleep at home. You should never try more than 5 mattresses to minimize selection and purchasing confusion. Narrow your selections to 2 mattress sets. Decide which one of the selected two is the most comfortable within your budget. Make your purchase confident that you have a *60 Day Comfort Guarantee should you find you mattress unsuitable after purchase.
  • A mattress and box spring/ foundation are designed to work as a set. It is always suggested that you purchase the set to ensure the best comfort and durability. Remember, most mattress manufacturers do not warranty their respective products on an old foundation or another foundation that is not a matching set.
*See Store for Details