A Remote You Can’t Lose!

Comfortaire RemoteCouldn’t resist!

While we were out there at the Las Vegas Furniture Market last week, we came upon this GIANT remote at the Comfortaire Exhibit.

What was really cool about this remote is that it actually works!

All I could say was WOW! Now THAT is a remote that you just can’t lose!

BTW…President’s Day is just around the corner so keep your eyes peeled for amazing savings on Comfortaire’s best selling U11 Split Head Sleep System.

If you and your partner are having a hard time agreeing on what a comfortable mattress feels like…DON’T!

The Comfortaire U11 is the right answer for BOTH of you! 😉
Split King Comfortaire

No Fighting In Bed!

Are you and your partner light night and day when it comes to sleep preferences?

You like it soft – he/she likes it firm.
You like to sit up and watch TV – he/she likes to lay flat and snore.
You like a good massage – he/she just prefers to lay there and snore…yup…women snore too!
You like it quiet – he/she just lays there and snores…

WELL…there is a solution and no, it’s not separate rooms!

Comfortaire is the answer to your prayers.

Split King Comfortaire
With a Comfortaire Sleep System, you and your partner can each have a completely CUSTOMIZED sleep experience in the same bed. Not only can you adjust the position of the bed, you can adjust the feel of the mattress itself. The magic is really in the air!

Just last week a couple purchased this set in Ormond Beach for that very reason. His sleep number was 14 because he loved that soft feel of being in a hammock while her number was a 98 because she liked her bed to be very firm. She liked to sit up to read and watch TV – he just wanted to sprawl out and sleep…and snore… Comfortaire was the perfect solution for them.

What makes Comfortaire unique to any other mattress set is the SPLIT KING (see photo of set in Best Mattress Buys) mattress. This allows couples to still share ONE bed while being able to do their own thing on their side. Also unique to Comfortaire is the fact that every component of the sleep system is replaceable.

This means that at no time will you ever reach a point where your mattress it just ‘shot’ and you have to go out and buy a new one because no matter what is wrong with your Comfortaire, it can be replaced or refreshed!

So, if you want to sit up and watch TV without being interrupted by the snoring, just raised your partner’s head about 15 degrees. They will never know you did it, but, they WILL stop snoring and you will get to hear the show.

Just think…no more going to the couch!

Magic Is In The Air